Art For Climate Auction - Calling all Artists for a Good Cause

December 24, 2020

Is art and creativity your passion? We have a great opportunity for you to contribute to a good cause: we’re calling on the world’s artists and art lovers to get involved in our innovative fundraising!

Your donation will support the work of zero-carbon 2030. And enable us to continue providing people with climate information and transparency on companies’ climate actions through our Carbon Ratings. This way, we can all make better purchase decisions. And we can move the global economy towards a net-zero alignment with the Paris Agreement 1.5ºC limit on global temperature rise.

The founder and CEO of zero-carbon 2030, Duncan Ritchie, as well as other international artists have kindly donated their artwork, now comprising over 60 pieces to support the work of zero-carbon 2030. The artworks will be auctioned from the 5th-18th of February 2021 by Lawsons Auctioneers.

It would be amazing if you could help us expand the auction. If you would like to contribute an artwork, please send us an e-mail at with the following details:

• High-resolution photograph of the painting and its details (size and style)
• Your country of residence

We will then include the picture into our online catalogue and enter into a short-term agreement with you regarding the donation and collection.

Let’s bring some beauty to help the world! Your support is greatly appreciated in advance.

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