Art for Climate Auction – Empowering action on climate change

February 19, 2021

We have launched an innovative online fundraising event this month: the Art for Climate Auction, in collaboration with Lawsons Auctioneers from the 5th-23rd February.

Eco-conscious artists have generously donated their original works to the Art for Climate Auction, and the founder and CEO of zero-carbon 2030, Duncan Ritchie, has also contributed 60+ pieces from his own personal collection.

The proceeds of the auction will support zero-carbon 2030’s work to scale our Carbon Ratings which assess the climate actions of companies worldwide. And thereby, empower you to shift your spending towards companies, that are proactive towards climate change and the 1.5º C Paris Agreement goal.

Carbon Neutral have joined the cause and will provide offset solutions associated with transport of the artwork, by offering native reforestation offsets from the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor.

The Art for Climate Auction catalogue is available here and via Lawsons Auctioneers website. Bidding is open on Lawsons’ website from the 5th to 23rd February 2021, closing at 8pm AEDT.

Participate in the Art for Climate Auction and bid generously. Not only will you acquire a piece of beautiful art, but you will contribute to saving our planet, and humanity. There is no greater gift you could give, nor reward you could receive. Thank you everyone for your support!

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