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You’re seeing where humanity is heading and you’re saying “not on my watch.” You’re tired of world leaders and their empty promises. You’re not going to wait for them to act. Neither are we. We’re mobilising the power we all hold – money – to fight for humanity.

We’re coming together and using our economic clout, as consumers and investors, to drive businesses to take faster, bolder action on climate change. Because money talks. And the more of us who move our money to send a message, the more businesses will be obliged to listen and act.



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This isn’t just another letter you’re sending. It’s a powerful message to businesses that says “Commit to zero-carbon by 2030, or we’re taking our money elsewhere!”

We’ll keep you in the loop on what those business are doing, so you can act on inaction and move your money to support the real change-makers who are meeting their carbon commitments.


We’ll make it easier to make the right decisions every day.

It’s not always easy to make the right purchasing and investment choices, because there’s not enough transparency out there.

But what if finding a company’s carbon rating was as easy as looking up their Google or Facebook review? Or even checking the product label? That’s what we’re making possible here at zero-carbon 2030.

We’re calling for carbon labelling. We’re applying our Carbon Ratings to businesses. And we’re publishing the ratings on our website. So you can easily see how well businesses are performing on climate action and make well-informed decisions to avoid the bad guys and support the good.



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