zero-carbon 2030 has officially launched its first GoFundMe campaign!

March 22, 2021

zero-carbon 2030 has officially launched its first GoFundMe campaign!

The campaign supports the organization’s mission to put reliable climate information on companies’ climate actions and commitments in consumers hands so they can make climate-friendly purchasing decisions.

Consumers can use zero-carbon’s 2030 Carbon Ratings to support the good climate actors. And encourage climate laggards to do more.

zero-carbon 2030 is a non-profit organisation and relies on the generosity of its donors. It is seeking support to help to scale up its Carbon Ratings and make them available to all consumers, all accessible with just a tap on its Carbon Rating Finder App.

The company’s programmes presently focus on the following initiatives:

– To evolve its methodology to translate Paris Agreement-aligned temperature transition pathways into Carbon Ratings.

– To enhance its Carbon Rating Finder App to improve the user experience.

– To implement a phased Artificial Intelligence (AI) project to scale up its Carbon Ratings to expand the data supporting its App and its engagement with companies.

– To migrate to an online data platform and develop interactive target setting and data visualization tools to support companies developing Paris-aligned transition pathways.

zero-carbon 2030 is calling for support from climate-concerned consumers, companies, investors, and foundations.

“If you find our work beneficial, please support us so we can scale-up our Carbon Ratings and make them easily accessible to everyone. Together we can align the global economy to the 1.5 degree Paris Agreement target and solve the climate emergency,” said Duncan Ritchie, CEO of zero-carbon 2030.

Support zero-carbon 2030’s work and make a donation on GoFundMe:


Your help is much appreciated in advance.

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