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Zero carbon by 2030.
You can lead the charge.

The power to drive faster, bolder action on global climate change is right there in your community, at grassroots level. We just need passionate ambassadors like you, working on the ground to mobilise that economic power. To unite like-minded people and grow an unstoppable force for climate action.

As a Campaign Leader, you can be the catalyst for change that sends a carbon-reducing ripple effect across the global economy.

Lead the local charge on global climate action.
You’ll support our mission by…

Asking businesses to sign up to our Commitments.

Help us to help businesses drive positive change right across the value chain to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Organising campaigns.

Identify companies that are not taking action on climate change and help us launch a campaign to target them.

Marshalling local resources.

Help us keep volunteers in your region/country supported, connected and actively involved in our work.

Mobilising the people.

Encourage people to join the zero-carbon 2030 community and get involved in your campaigns.

Get your community’s collective voices heard.

Campaign, lobby and press for progress, ensuring companies and investment managers are obliged to listen and act.

Setting the carbon-reduction benchmark.

Help us assess businesses on their action on climate change and apply our Carbon Ratings, so your community can see how businesses are performing.

Moving the money where it matters.

Call for carbon labelling on products and services and leverage our Carbon Ratings. Give your community the power to make informed decisions and support the positive change-makers.

Keeping our community posted.

Share updates on climate news, progress on our campaigns and positive actions that businesses are taking.

We’ll keep you supported, connected and well informed.

We’ll give you the training and tools you need to mobilise the economic power for change in your community, and your country. And we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Be a change-maker. Become a Campaign Leader today.

We need to expand our global reach as quickly as possible to stand a chance of saving humanity. So we welcome passionate ambassadors from all corners of the world. Maybe you have expertise and skills you can apply in your leadership role to support our work, so please send your CV too and tell us a bit about yourself.

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