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Any board director worth their salt should already have climate change risks on their radar. But for those businesses who don’t have their eyes on the horizon, who don’t take the initiative to sign up to the Commitments, we’ll mobilise our online community of consumers and investors to nudge them to act more quickly on climate change.

By engaging directly with corporate boardrooms, we’re sending a clear message to businesses, “Change your strategy to prioritise carbon reduction, or we’ll take our money elsewhere.”



Walking the talk. Moving the money.

If we continue to reward bad, unsustainable behaviour, then companies, investment managers and governments will have no incentive to change the way they think and act. So, we need to walk the talk and stay true to our values.

Choose not to buy from, or invest in, complacent companies. Move your money to the change-makers that adopt the zero-carbon 2030 Commitments.

We can achieve this through our everyday purchases and investment decisions, and by influencing the decisions of investment managers who invest on our behalf.

If we make these informed decisions, more businesses will be obliged to change their strategy and commit to net-zero carbon to maintain their sales and access capital.

Influencing government policy.

We can even shape the way businesses exercise their economic votes and influence over governments. Through the Commitments, we can direct companies to lobby governments to adopt progressive climate policies and withhold investment from countries where governments fail to do so. That’s the true power we hold in our collective pockets.

And the good news is…

It only takes a small percentage of consumers to bring about positive change in a company’s behaviour. Just consider this for a moment. A 14% loss of sales could result in a 50% fall in net profits.^^ This could significantly dent a company’s profitability and financial position.

And if we use our collective economic power to get a handful of high-profile companies signed up to the Commitments and on the path to sustainability, that’s all we need to set a carbon-reduction ripple effect in motion across the global economy.



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^^ Based on zero-carbon 2030 analysis of profitability ratios of the S&P 500.

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