Frequently asked questions

Got a question? Check out our list of frequently asked questions about the zero-carbon 2030 Project and carbon reduction from individuals, businesses and investment managers to help you to find the answers you’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible.

Looking for answers:

How will I know if a business has adopted the zero-carbon 2030 Commitments?

You can search our listings to find businesses that have adopted the zero-carbon 2030 Commitments and received a carbon rating.

How do you get businesses on board with the zero-carbon 2030 Project?

Through our campaigns zero-carbon 2030 is amplifying your voice in boardrooms the world over, ensuring businesses and investment managers are obliged to listen and change the way they think and act in response to climate change. We’re also setting guidelines with our Commitments and a global benchmark with our Carbon Ratings, so everyone can see how businesses are performing against the competition. Ultimately, we’re making action on climate change make good business sense. Find out more about the zero-carbon Project.

How do you ensure all companies comply with the Commitments?

Every business that signs up to the zero-carbon 2030 Commitments is obliged to permit annual verification audits to ensure their activities comply with the zero-carbon 2030 Commitments (Commitment #7). Find out more about the zero-carbon 2030 Commitments.

How will my zero-carbon 2030 membership have a positive impact on the environment?

Your actions matter. And by joining the zero-carbon 2030 community, you have the power to drive faster, bolder climate action. We give you a platform through which you can influence companies to be more proactive and commit to reducing their carbon emissions to zero by 2030. You’ll be a part the solution. You’ll help to lessen and slow the potential effects of climate change. You’ll give humanity the best chance of limiting the average global temperature rise to a safe 1.5°C and avoiding long-term environmental damage.

Can anyone launch a campaign by nominating a company to target?

Yes. Begin by searching our campaigns (by country) for the company you’d like to target. And if they’re not already listed, click the link on the results page to contact us about starting a campaign.

What is a carbon rating?

Our Carbon Ratings show you how positively (or poorly) a company is responding to climate change in their business activities and plans. They reflect all that we believe is vital in achieving a carbon-reduction ripple effect across value chains and the global economy. We use the zero-carbon 2030 Commitments as our criteria for measuring, assessing and applying our Carbon Ratings to companies. And we go beyond the disclosure of historical carbon reporting, looking at a businesses’ future plans and targets too. Find out more about our Carbon Ratings.

Is zero-carbon 2030 an independent organisation?

zero-carbon 2030 is an independent not-for-profit organisation, based in Australia, with a growing team of staff and volunteers worldwide. We won’t accept funding from any party if doing so would jeopardise the integrity or independence of our carbon ratings or campaigns. We rely on your support, our valued community, and every contribution puts more power in your hands. You can donate to support our work today.

What can I do to make my life more carbon neutral?

You can start reducing your own carbon footprint at home by switching to a renewable energy supply, by eating less red meat and by changing lightbulbs and electrical appliances to the most energy efficient options available. More importantly, you can align the way you choose to spend and invest with your values. You can move your money to support the real change-makers that meet the zero-carbon 2030 Commitments. It’s these decisions that give you the power to compel companies to take faster action on climate change and reduce their emissions. To start taking meaningful action today, join a campaign.

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