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Let’s pull climate action out of the too-hard basket and make it top of the business agenda. That’s the power you have when you join a campaign. You’re not just sending a letter, you’re sending a powerful message to businesses: “Commit to zero-carbon by 2030, or we’re taking our money elsewhere!” And once you’ve given a business a nudge, we’ll follow up with a prod, and keep pushing.

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What are we asking businesses to do?

We’re asking businesses to sign up to our Commitments and achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.


Measure and disclose carbon emissions.


Label products and services with their respective carbon impact.


Transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030.


Achieve net-zero carbon emissions across your value chain by 2030.


Purchase carbon offsets to meet any shortfalls in achieving #3 and #4.


Only invest in new companies and projects that meet zero-carbon 2030 Commitments.


Permit annual verification audits to ensure compliance with zero-carbon 2030 Commitments.


Positively influence governments and only commit to supporting political entities that commit to climate policy and limit the average global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

Financial institutions and investment managers must also meet the following targets by 2030:


Conduct 100% of business transactions with corporate clients that have a minimum Carbon Rating* of A.


Invest 100% of assets in companies with a minimum Carbon Rating* of A.

And what
if they don’t act?

Stay true to your word, and your values. Make them pay the price for inaction. Choose not to buy from, or invest in, that company. Move your money to the real change-makers that meet the zero-carbon 2030 Commitments. We’ll make sure you know who they are, by assessing businesses and posting their carbon ratings on our website.

Join a campaign. Add your voice and call for change.

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